• Scanatic™ StyleBook 3D Clothes Design Software

    Powerful 3D clothing Online Design Tool.

    Easy swapping between fabrics, trims and patterns. Enjoy easy mix & match to create limitless SKU! Render true-to-life 3D apparels are available to be used as product images, design proposals or marketing materials.

  • 3D Clothing made with 3D design software

    Instant Creation of 3D Clothes

    (Requires importing 3D garment templates from DC Suite)

    The most intuitive 3D clothing design software you will ever come across!

    Choose a 3D garment template from your library, freely assign fabrics, trims or patterns to generate 3D clothes instantly.

    The realistic digital garment is downloadable and shareable with links, QR code, and embed codes.

    Speed Up the Design Workflow

    Accessible to anyone with the minimum 3D skills!

    With only a few clicks, swapping fabrics, patterns and trims and creating new apparels are as easy as pie. Enables 3D designers to work on more complex design projects.

    With our Scanatic™ StyleBook Service, different teams from different time zones can work independently and more efficiently!

    3D clothes fashion design software

    Share and Collaborate

    To Share:

    Share to your customer or counterparts for preview with a shareable link.

    To Embed:

    Generate an HTML code onto your website and embed a 3D display viewer right onto your website.

    To Download:

    You can also download this 3D model with textures as a .fbx file for further post-editing in other 3D softwares.


    ◀︎ See the embedded 3D clothes

    TG3D Premade 3D Clothes Collection

    Besides uploading your designs/ trims from the Scanatic™ DC Suite, you may also utilize our built-in TG3D premade 3D clothes and 3D trims.

    We offer the Formal Menswear Collection (Suit, shirt, vest, trousers) at this point of time. Learn more about what we are offering in the collections here.

    3D clothes from TG3D Collection
  • Add-On Services for Scanatic™ StyleBook

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service

    Scanatic™ Renderstock - 3D Rendering Service

    With the streamlined process in the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service, you can now easily create high-quality still images of your 3D clothes from different angles with rendered qualities on the Scanatic™ for Fashion website.

    Realistic 3D clothes images are simple to generate with our Scanatic™ RenderStock Service without having to juggle between different software.

    Rendered 3D clothes

    Scanatic™ StyleBook Product Benefits

    Learn more about Digital Retail Experience

    Marketing / Merchandising

    Marketing / Merchandising in 3D

    Design Proposal/ Review

    3D Design Proposal/ Review

    Customization Experience

    3D Customization Experience

    How Does It Work?


    Create the Design Template

    Create a 3D clothes design templates (design projects) on Scanatic™ DC Suite. Use the StyleBRIC function or TG3D Studio’s 3D Design Consulting Services for the design project production.


    Sync the Design Template

    Synchronize the finished 3D clothing design template to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service.


    Assign Available Fabrics & Trims

    Assign fabric and trim libraries to your design project.


    Configure a new SKU

    Start configuring each unique 3D clothes (single items) with the mix of styling options, such as fabrics, patterns and trims.


    Share the SKU

    Share the look with a sharable link, embed it right on your website, or download the 3D clothes model.



    Frequently Asked Questions

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