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    Body Scanner for Body Tracking

    - Lingerie Industry

    Fashion Technology powered by TG3D Studio

  • "We don't ask our customers to feel the difference in their body shapes.

    We prove it with visual data."

    use of 3D Body Scanner in lingerie brand

    The Importance of Accuracy

    In the highly competitive lingerie industry, one major challenge faced by many lingerie retailers is accurately measuring sizes. And for functional lingeries retailers, being able to track changes in their customers' body shapes over time is even more crucial. However, hand measurement is not only time-consuming but also not fully realiable.


    Our client, a leading lingerie retail chain in Taiwan, faced this same challenge until they implemented our cutting-edge body scanner.

    Body tracking using 3D body scanner

    Stay Ahead of Game

    Our client is offering a wide range of lingerie including bras, underwear, and functional lingeries that help shape the body.


    To keep track of their customers' body shape changes over time, they offer body scanning services at all 4 stores across Taiwan, by using the TG3D Studio's 3D body scanner technology.


    The service enabling them to provide more accurate sizing recommendations and personalized service.

    body scanner conducts accurate body measurements

    The Problems

    Before adopting body scanner, since the functional lingerie is their flagship product, the problem our client faced was the lack of a standardized measurement method for tracking and proving changes in their customers' body shapes over time.


    Using hand measurements proved to be both time-consuming and unreliable. The solution came in the form of our highly accurate 3D body scanner, which uses infrared technology to create a detailed and highly accurate 3D avatar of each scan.

    Customer Privacy

    Our client's top concern was ensuring customer privacy, particularly regarding whether the body scanner takes pictures or videos. As privacy is of utmost importance in the lingerie business, making customers feel safe is our highest priority.


    Fortunately, our body scanner uses infrared technology, which ensures that NO photos or videos are taken during the scanning process. Which is why our client felt confident that they could count on our service.

    prove the changes with data

    Building Up Customer Loyalty

    The results have been impressive, with our client able to track changes in their customers' body shapes with visualized proof.


    Our client's customers can now clearly see the results of wearing our client's patent bras, which provide significant body shape improvement.

    helping the business grow

    Scaling Up the Business

    Our clients now have 25 stores locate across the country, and with 4 stores implemented body scanner.


    Not only has the standardize measurement led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, but it has also saved our client valuable time, allowing our client to to focus on other areas of their business and open several new branches around Taiwan.



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