• Connect Your Business to the Scanatic™ Platform


    With the Scanatic™ APIs for Developers

  • APIs to empower your business

    APIs to empower your business


    With the Scanatic™ APIConnect and ScanAPI Services for Developers, you can innovate, disrupt, and design creative value propositions and experiences. Go beyond what customers expect, and above what they ever thought possible.

  • digital transformation

    Lay the foundation of your digital transformation


    Integrate your current solutions with innovations from the Scanatic™ for Fashion Platform to build a scalable, future-proof foundation in the current digital world.

  • Scanatic APIs

    Scanatic™ ScanAPI Service

    Scanatic™ ScanAPI Service for Developers

    Brand your own 3D scanning experience


    Integrate the functionalities of the Cloudzet™ App and create a strong brand experience for your customers.
    Scanatic™ APIConnect Service

    Scanatic™ APIConnect Service for Developers

    Integrate data sets back into your systems


    Organize and track the data generated from the Scanatic™ for Fashion Platform and integrate seamlessly with CRM, PLM, and order management systems.

    Cloudzet™ Store Web Plug-in

    Cloudzet™ Store Web Plug-in

    Put the power back in the hands of your customer


    Link the best of the features found in the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad to your website with the Cloudzet™ Store Web Plug-in. Give your customers confidence in their purchase by bringing them the garment preview from their self-curated design.

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