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     Three Words - One Mission

    Digitally Empowering Fashion


    The fashion industry is facing a revolution, and TG3D Studio is at the forefront. We empower fashion brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to design, produce, and sell apparel that perfectly fits their customers and the planet.


    Our frustration? Seeing talented designers and businesses struggle with inaccurate sizing, inefficient production cycles, and mounting waste.


    That's where we come in. We offer a suite of cutting-edge 3D technology solutions, including 3D body scanners, fabric scanners, and intuitive design software.


    The result? 


    You can:


    Dramatically reduce fabric waste by creating garments with a perfect fit from the start.

    Slash production times by streamlining your design and manufacturing processes.

    Offer a personalized shopping experience with accurate sizing and virtual try-on options.


    Ready to join the future of fashion? Contact us today to see how TG3D Studio can revolutionize your business.



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    TG3D's Parent Company Is Now Part of NVIDIA's Inception Program 2024

    DMKTZ is Accelerating AI Innovation as the only Fashion Technology Company in Partnership with NVIDIA's Inception Program