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  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Advanced Data Analytics

    Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    High Modularity

    High Modularity

    Increased Sustainability

    Increased Sustainability

    An End-to-end Solution

    An End-to-end Solution

  • WHY?

    Embracing digital technologies will bring substantial benefits to your fashion businesses.


    Better customer experiences


    Deliver richer customer engagements and experiences by swiftly taking accurate 3D body measurements. This can transform the custom tailoring experience or help consumers pick exactly the right-sized clothing from your range.


    No more wait for samples


    Realistic 3D virtual prototyping means that fabrics and silhouettes can be swiftly altered and viewed on-screen, with no need to wait for samples to be physically made.


    On-Demand and sustainability


    Paves the foundation for brands and retailers striving for fashion sustainability to migrate into a more on-demand business and operational model.


    Pave your Way into the Future


    Maximize the use of digital data to understand your customers, forecast future demands, and plan strategically. This prevents wasted overproduction and minimizes customer returns.

  • HOW?

    As a result, we empower the fashion industry through a 3D apparel-production process equipped with the ability to speed up the go-to-market by increasing efficiency, resulting in dramatically lower costs.

    3D apparel-production process
  • WHAT?

    From body and fabric digitization to 3D fashion designing and interactive retail experiences, Scanatic™ for Fashion is the underlying gateway that connects the hardware, software and AI aspects of all the software modules that helps every stakeholder in the value chain innovate, modernize, and digitally transform their workflows and business models from end-to-end. Users can subscribe to each individual software/ hardware/ service and access them on our user-friendly Scanatic™ for Fashion website.

    Scanatic™ for Fashion Techonology 3D Solutions
  • 3D Strategy Consulting

    Advising, Analyzing, Troubleshooting


    3D Body Scanner

    Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner/ Body Service


    3D Fabric Scanner

    Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner/ Nuno3D Service


    3D Fashion Design Software

    Scanatic™ DC Suite



    3D clothes management platform


    Scanatic™ StyleBook Service


    3D Digital Retail Experience

    Cloudzet Store App/ Web Plug-in




    Digitize fashion industry

    Your consumers' body shapes - with the in-store self-service Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner

    Your fabrics and materials - with the easy-to-use Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner

    Your patterns, garments and accessories - with the 3D prototyping Scanatic™ DC Suite software.

    Decode fashion industry

    Your consumers' body shapes - with the Scanatic™ Body Service

    Your fabrics and materials - with the Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service

    Your apparel's fit - with the 3D prototyping Scanatic™ DC Suite software


    Innovate fashion industry

    Your business model - by combining the Scanatic™ for Fashion solutions to bring innovations across your entire business operations

    Your consumers' experience - with individually-tailored size recommendations made by the Scanatic™ SizeRec Service and interactive shopping experiences using the Cloudzet Store App for the iPad & Web Plug-in

    Leverage digitized assets

    Your digitized assets - to grow sales and relationships with consumers. The designs you’ve created using the Scanatic™ DC Suite software can also be used to create digital apparel content that can then be utilized across your business for sales, marketing and retail

    Create infinite apparel SKUs - One design made with the Scanatic™ DC Suite software can easily generate tens of thousands of SKUs with different style and looks using the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service


    TG3D Studio's Everlasting Commitment To Data Privacy


    At TG3D Studio, we have taken user privacy seriously since the very beginning. This is why we continuously update the way we handle data to constantly improve our services so you can develop your business free from privacy concerns.

    GDPR compliant

    GDPR compliant

    Our commitment to data protection started long before the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in Europe. We not only fully comply with GDPR, but deeply invested in the privacy protection of our users and customers at all times.

    Privacy by design

    Privacy by design

    Since the launch of our body scanning service, we have protected the data entrusted to us by encrypting and blurring faces on every 3D avatar generated. We further separate our database into untraceable packets with no link back to personal information.

    Right to be forgotten

    Right to be forgotten

    Our "Right to be forgotten" feature on the Cloudzet App allows users to quickly and easily delete information including their account, personal profile and measurements at any time.

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