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  • "We offer TG3D Studio's products to our students because they offer the full range in virtual product development."

    - Michael Ernst, Head of the VirtualLab team, Niederrhein University

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    The Vision

    Professor Michael Ernst leads the VirtualLab team at Niederrhein University and holds the chair for textile product development. Ernst has started his textile career long before he got appointed as professor in 2006.


    With his research group, Ernst investigates and develops virtual worlds for the clothing industry using various tools, such as body scanning technologies, 3D CAD tools, motion capturing and rendering for E-commerce and so on.


    His team aims to build innovative tools and processes that reflect the next generation of product development, while serving industry needs with a highly practical approach.

    To Meet the Industry Needs

    During the interview, Ernst emphasized the importance of teaching students to learn digital fashion tools, as many companies have already started their transition in digital product development, and job profiles are increasingly asking for the abilities of operating 3D product development tools.


    He believes that 3D product development is the foundation for future-oriented sustainable solutions, addressing long-existing issues. "We offer TG3D Studio's products to our students because they offer the full range in virtual product development." Ernst said.

    The Ultimate 3D Fashion Solution

    Students have been actively exploring TG3D Studio's tools of digital fashion solutions. Begins with body scanning to generate precise 3D avatars using the 3D body scanner. Then, they utilize the Nuno fabric scanner and Nuno service to digitize physical fabrics, allowing them to seamlessly transfer their 2D designs into 3D and create virtual samples on 3D clothing design software.


    << Agnes Korn from Niederrhein University has produced an exceptional final project, showcasing their virtual designs through an impressive virtual catwalk.

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    The Importance of Traditional & Digital

    Regarding the skills his students are expected to have before leaving school, Ernst highlighted that since digital technologies have made their way into their curriculums for years, students need to acquire both knowledge and expertise in the fundamental basics of textile and clothing up to pattern making and manufacturing.



    Mindset of Embracing Digital Fashion

    When asked about the major distinctions between traditional and digitalized fashion, Ernst explained that of course digitalized fashion still significantly differs from traditional fashion. Not to mention the tactile sensation of fabrics cannot be fully reproduced digitally.


    However, since the digital fashion is the future trend, it is more than crucial to have expertise in working around and transfer to visualize the reality as best as possible. Within the product development process, 3D can assist along the complete chain, starting from design, pattern making, manufacturing up to E-commerce if the process is adapted and streamlined, and the stakeholders are on board.

    << Valentina B Nowak from Niederrhein University showcases exceptional talent by presenting the virtual designs of the Black & White Night Collection.

  • The Entire Suite of Fashion Technology Tools 


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    Create and design with highly accurate 3D body simulation.

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    Design with digitally replicated fabrics that are true to life.

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    Design virtually using 3D design software that includes all the necessary tools for pattern making, sampling, and fitting.

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    Maximize the potential of your fashion collection by leverage the tools that allow for mixing and matching of modulars and colorways.

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